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Clark Family

When my husband and I first visited Mona Montessori six year ago we immediately noticed that this was more than a child-care center, it was first and foremost a school.  All of the teachers are kind and nurturing, but most importantly they are educators.  These teachers are trained to guide each individual child on their own path to success.  The school provides stability, structure and fun in an environment filled with encouragement and patience.  The first few years of a child’s life are so crucial to their overall development and we could not be    more pleased with the fundamental education that is provided by Mona Montessori.  We feel so blessed to be a part of this school and we know our children will benefit from their experience for the rest of their lives.  Thank you to all the teachers and staff for your consistent dedication to the education and wellbeing of my children.

Betsy Clark

Yoshanda Sims

McKinney Montessori is a great school. My daughter is smart and well versed. McKinney Montessori compliments her learning style. She is able to learn at her own pace. Ms. Dilshon is very dedicated to her student’s development. She does her best to work with each student and provides dedicated learning. Ariel loves going to school, this speaks volumes of her enjoying her teacher, fellow students, and her learning experience.

Yoshanda Sims,
Manager, Capitol One, (972)916-4232

Staci Gardere

My daughter, Emily, has been a part of the McKinney Montessori Academy family since October 2009. Since coming to the school, her speech and communication skills have greatly improved. I attribute this to the incredible attention from her teacher and the staff. I have attended the open house events where each of her teachers has always taken personal time out to share with me Emily's latest and greatest accomplishments. Emily is proud to "show-off" her knowledge of numbers, colors and shapes.

Staci Gardere, , (972)704-5183


My daughter is now 5 years and has graduated from the kindergarten program with the best teacher of all, Ms. Rozy. In all my days, even as a child myself, I cannot recollect any teacher as genuinely positive, happy, organized and patient as Ms. Rozy. Ms. Vasu is also a gem and I heard her once referred to as the “Child Whisperer”. They are awesome! The teaching here is above fantastic. My 5 year old is now reading at a 3rd grade level and has been doing math at the 2nd grade level. My daughter is now moving on to an Expeditionary Learning system in the fall where she will continue to learn in almost the same manner in which your school has provided for her.

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