Director's Note

The Childcare of Choice and Private School in Farmers Branch and North Dallas, TX

When your kids need a place to play, learn, and grow while you’re at work, Mona Montessori Greentree is the only name you need to know. Our local facility is a combination daycare center and private school in Carrollton, TX, for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Every student learns lifelong skills that further their mental, emotional, and social growth while enhancing their creativity. Both our preschool and our after-school programs consist of small class sizes to ensure each child receives the individual attention they need. Each one employs the Montessori method to help kids learn at their own pace.

Contact our learning center today to learn more about the exclusive curriculum at Mona Montessori Greentree. Every parent who enrolls their child with us enjoys peace of mind that children are well cared for by the best of teachers. Starting their education now is sure to give them a leg up when they transition to elementary school. We can help your child reach their potential, expand their horizons, and develop their individuality. There’s simply no substitute for what a private school like ours can do. Our dedicated staff is happy to show you why.

Our Main Goal

Our goal is to nurture each child's development through well-rounded, individualized education that is based on Montessori principles. In doing so, we are instilling a love of learning and a superb readiness for life through self-confidence and academic brilliance.

A Message from Our Directors

Dear Parents,
We thank you for your interest in the Mona Montessori Greentree. Please take a few moments to review some background on our Montessori philosophy and methodologies. We trust you will find great comfort and pleasure in enrolling your child in a school that is totally dedicated to a modern Montessori approach to education and development.
On our website and Facebook Pages, you will find a detailed explanation of our Montessori method and structure. For your general interest, some articles and excerpts about Maria Montessori are also included.
The school is open year-round Monday through Friday (except for designated holidays), with the main academic program starting in early August and ending in late May. In the summer months, children are exposed to more leisure as well as cultural and community activities. They are also led through reviews of material they have learned in the academic year.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to sharing in the education and developmental growth of your child.

Development Tips
Teach Independence! Give them opportunities to do things for themselves. Children are not to be treated as mini-adults who can do all things for themselves; however, they are not helpless human beings. Make things easy or simplified for them so that they can do things by themselves. For example, have elastic pants instead of denim so that they can try to dress rather than have to ask you to zip up their jeans. At a young age allow them to feed themselves even though it can be messy, but you are giving them the chance to practice.

Nurture a healthy love of learning in your children with the educational opportunities from our private school.